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Revive Medical Spa LLC

Medical Spa located in Fayetteville, AR


Indulge your senses and wipe away stress with one of Revive Medical Spa’s signature massages. Massage not only feels good but also improves your range of motion and relaxes your muscles. Afterwards, your muscles are able to receive key nutrients that are often blocked by toxins in your system.  Our experienced staff is able to customize any massage to focus on the areas you of your body that need the most attention.



A traditional massage that relaxes muscles, stimulates circulation and improves overall wellness.

Deep Tissue

Focuses on deeper layers of muscle to release chronic tension through slow strokes and deep pressure in the contracted areas.

Hot Stone

A deeply soothing and relaxing technique that uses heated stones to melt muscle tissue, increasing the effect on deeper muscle layers.


Relaxes your entire body through pressure point movements, concentrating on nerve endings in your hands and
feet that correspond to major organs and body parts, encouraging a natural healing process in the body.


Indulge yourself and ease your muscles with strategically placed pillows and massage that can help relax you through your pregnancy.

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