Judy Dunleavy

Licensed Massage Therapist located in Fayetteville, AR

About Judy Dunleavy

Judy has been practicing massage for 18 years. In 1999, she received her New York State licensure, and in 2000, became a Nationally Certified Massage Therapist. Living in the NY/NJ area, she focused on the therapeutic physical rehabilitation aspects of massage therapy, working for 8 years at The Back Pain Center in NJ and Discover Chiropractic in NY. After moving to Arkansas and receiving her Arkansas State Licensure, she has worked for Revive and Revive Medical Spa since 2008. “I’ve been practicing massage for nearly 20 years. I still find it a deeply rewarding career. This field offers infinite opportunities for learning and honing one’s craft, and every year my skills as a therapist get just a bit better. I hope I’m still doing this for the next 20 years!”