Men’s Services


Men’s Services

Men are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity of high quality skin care products, as well as regular skin treatments and spa services to create and maintain healthy, strong, handsome skin. At Revive Medical Spa, we have seen an increasing number of male clients over the years looking to rejuvenate their skin and implement a skin care regimen that is easy and effective.

Men’s Micro-Facial

This facial, geared towards the man on-the-go, is a fantastic, deeply exfoliating treatment that treats fine lines, and breakouts. Our expert aestheticians use a diamond tipped device attached to suction to gently but thoroughly remove dead skin cell buildup from the face. There is no peeling or downtime associated with this great anti-aging treatment. There is no need to shave facial hair for this treatment either!


The Limelight Laser treatment addresses hyper-pigmentation issues and broken capillaries that cause us to appear older than we are. This treatment is a quick, effective medical grade solution for guys on the go! There is no downtime associated with this treatment and usually only takes 2-3 treatments to get desired results. Men that have damage, due to increased sun exposure when they were younger, may require more treatments.


Finally, Botox® is on the rise for men in the United States. Botox® can quickly and subtly improve frown lines and wrinkling around the eyes. Men look younger and more rested! At Revive Medical Spa, Botox® is often referred to as the “Lunch-time Treatment”, because this treatment only takes a few minutes- perfect for a lunch-break appointment!

All of our services here at Revive Medical Spa are considered unisex. Our expert aestheticians and clinicians are able to customize any treatment or service to your individual needs. For more information about services that we offer here at Revive Medical spa, visit the other services pages located in the tiles above.

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