You're Invited: Our Signature Soiree Offers Experts, Discounts, Food and Fun

At Revive Medical Spa, our goal is to partner with our clients to help them get to their aesthetic goals. As age robs us of our youth and vitality on the outside, we can fight back, keeping our appearance more in line with our youthful spirits.

To that end, once a year we host our Signature Soiree, which is an afternoon and evening of education, laughter, and incredible, one-time-only deals on most of our services. Whether you’re an old friend to us or you’re just curious about trying a few anti-aging tools for the first time, this event is the perfect opportunity for you to explore your options in a fun, educational, and no-pressure atmosphere. As well as meeting our staff, you’ll likely make a few new friends along the way.

The event begins at 2pm on October 11 and ends at 7pm, and we host it at our office on 1444 East Stearns Street in Fayetteville, Arkansas. During this time, our aestheticians and staff will be on hand giving demonstrations, answering questions, and even giving away a few products. But best of all, we’ll be offering some great deals on most of our products and services! Here’s just a sample:

Testing the waters

If you’re new to our med spa services and you’d like to try a few anti-aging techniques without committing to a laser procedure, why not start with cosmetic injectables? We offer a full spate of injectables, including dermal fillers that restore volume and neuromodulators that relax moderate-to-severe lines and wrinkles. And during our Signature Soiree, we offering all of these at a discount, including:

Botox®: $10/unit (normally $14)

Dysport®: $3.33/unit (normally $5)

Juvéderm®: $450/syringe (normally $550)

Restylane Lyft®: $450/syringe (normally $700)

Voluma®: $600/syringe (normally $800)

Kybella®: $450/vial (normally $550)

This list is only a sample as we’re offering all of our injectables at a discount during our event.

Bring in the laser

Revive Medical Spa offers a wide range of laser services that tackle aging skin from the inside out by spurring collagen and elastin production to restore elasticity and tone to your skin, helping reduce wrinkles and sagging.

From light energy to sound waves, our laser systems go to work on the tissue below without harming the surface area. During our Signature Soiree event, we’re offering discounts on most of these services, including:

Again, this is just a sample of the discounts. Please join us to find out about all of our laser skin treatments to find one that’s best for you.

Say goodbye to hair and tattoos

If you struggle with unwanted body hair or you’re sporting a tattoo from days gone by, we’re offering Signature Soiree discounts on laser hair and tattoo removal. For hair removal, you can purchase a package of six for 15% off and get 25% off a package of six tattoo removal sessions.

Ongoing skin care

As part of our med spa services, we also offer routine facials that keep your skin in the pink of health. During the Signature Soiree, we’re offering 10% off of a package of six facial treatments, which include:

Our discount pricing doesn’t end at skin care and also includes fat reduction, massages, and vaginal wellness services.

If you have any questions about our event, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Or simply join us on October 11 from 2-7pm. We look forward to seeing you!

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